Tokyo Disneyland

Monday, 21 March 2011 19:36

Tokyo Disney Resort(東京ディズニーリゾート) in Chiba, Japan, was the first Disney theme park resort to open outside of the United States. It is by far the third most annually-visited theme park complex in the world, behind Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. It is noteworthy that it is not owned by Disney but by the Oriental Land Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort consists of two theme parks. Tokyo Disneyland (東京ディズニーランド), a "Magic Kingdom" park just like all the others, was the first Disney theme park to be built on non-U.S. territory. The park opened in April 1983 (but had been finished for a few months and the company waited for better weather) and was an instant success. Tokyo Disneyland's sister park Tokyo DisneySea (東京ディズニーシー), which opened in September 2001, is an oceanic-themed park exclusive to Japan. With over 14 million visits, Tokyo Disneyland is the third most visited theme park in the world behind Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom and the original Disneyland; DisneySea follows in fifth place, behind fourth-place Disneyland Paris. 

Tokyo Disney Resort also includes the Ikspiari (イクスピアリ) shopping and entertainment complex. On October 1, 2008, Montreal-based Cirque du Soleil unveiled ZED, its first permanent show in Japan, at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Tokyo Disney Resort is something different from all the other Disney parks. People are friendlier, but you cant forget that you are in the largest city on Earth when you are wandering, amazed at the fantastic shows and rides in both parks, as it is very crowded and you can expect huge queues even for the smallest attraction on a normal day. Remember also that english doesn't seem to be very popular in Japan and here is not the exception.

This is no Walt Disney World, in other words, it's small and can be easily tackled in about two or three days, maybe more. But whatever effort you place into coming here is well worth it if you like Disney stuff.


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