Secretariat (2010)

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Tue 14 Jun 11
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Secretariat is based on the book written by William Nack known as “Secretariat: The Making of a Champion”. The book was originally published in 1975 and is the true story of Secretariat, who was the winner of Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. One of the finest horses that ever lived, this film depicts the best of thoroughbred racing and shows Secretariat as the hero he truly is. It has been directed by Randall Wallace and written by Mike Rich, both of whom have proven once again that Hollywood loves horse movies, especially those which leave the audiences moved and inspired at the same time. Secretariat is a hero in the thoroughbred racing world. He won the Triple Crown and holds records at 2 out of the 3 events. This movie has tried to depict the life and struggle of Secretariat and his female owner, Penny Tweedy.

Penny Tweedy (played by Diane Lane) is a happily married woman who has three children. Suddenly, she finds herself in a tight position when her father (played by Scott Glenn) finds himself unable to look after their esteemed Meadow Stables and asks her help. She has no previous experience and in a coin toss, wins Big Red who is a colt she loves from first sight. The colt grows fast into a majestic animal, which is groomed by Eddie Sweat (played by Nelsan Ellis) and is trained by Lucien Laurin (played by John Malkovich). He grows almost too fast, and Penny starts to believe he is a special horse that will make all the troubles their stable encounters fade way. She does everything in her power to make sure that this horse gets every opportunity to rise to his maximum potential and fulfill his destiny. This is a story where a woman, who knew nothing about horses, took a great horse, whom no one had ever heard about, and the two made history together.

One has to say that the casting is perfect. You will find that Diane Lane as Penny Tweedy is intelligent, well dressed, devoted and fiercely willed; everything the character demanded from the actor. She rises to every occasion in the movie and proves that her acting skills need to be explored further. John Malcovich is wonderful as Lucien Laurin and Margo Matindale is perfect for the role of Elizabeth Ham. The horse is everything the audiences hoped for, a spectacular and beautiful beast that demands your respect and makes you look in awe. He takes over the screen every time he is on it. Whether it is thundering past the gate, his swift racing style in Triple Crown or his battles against Sham; the horse looks glorious and magnificent, just as he should.

The movie touches many hearts and leaves the fans staring in awe at the horse that will always stand out in history. Secretariat is not just any movie; it’s a movie that speaks volumes about the courage and fire that lies behind thoroughbred horse racing and all that it represents. Whether you are a horse racing fan or not Secretariat is a must watch.  Especially, for those who respect the spirits of anyone who makes history with their dedication and courage. A wonderful feel-good movie, it honors the achievements of Secretariat and the woman who literally bet her whole life on him.

Cast: Diane Lane, John Malkovich, Dylan Walsh, Dylan Baker and Margo Martindale

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