Olivia Holt In Vancouver Working On "Girl Vs. Monster"

Friday, 16 March 2012 14:07


Olivia Holt tweeted about being in Vancouver, Canada, on Thursday, March 15. She wrote: 'I'm officially in Vancouver, Canada!! So excited for this new project!! Missing my Kickin' It family too ♥ So blessed to have all your support :) Love you xoxo"

The actress will be working on her starring role in "Girl Vs. Monster" (working title). Here are the details from Disney Channel:

In a Halloween themed movie to premiere during Disney Channel's second annual month-long Monstober event, Olivia Holt (Disney XD's "Kickin’ It") stars as 15-year-old Skylar Lewis, a savvy teenager who discovers her family's closely-guarded secret -- she's a fifth generation monster hunter. But Skylar doesn't realize there is one immortal monster, Deimata, who wants to unravel her family's secret. In order for Skylar and her friends to stop Deimata and her army of monsters, they’ll need to face their biggest fears and overcome them together. The script was written by Annie DeYoung, Ron McGee and Geoff Rodkey. The director is Stuart Gillard and the executive producer is Sheri Singer.

Have fun and enjoy Canada!

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