Olivia Holt's Interview With Starry Constellation Magazine

Friday, 06 January 2012 15:04


Olivia Holt was interviewed by Starry Constellation Magazine. The "Kickin' It" actress tweeted about this interview - so I just had to check it out. Lots of good stuff from Miss Olivia in this question and answer session:

Q.  What are some of the recent projects that you've been working on?

A.  I actually have been going on a couple of auditions here and there for some movies, and then I am working on my music right now.  It’s kind of low key, but it’s been great.  I’m having fun.

Q.  Will there be a full album release soon?

A.  My goal is to get to the album, but I’m not one hundred percent sure yet, we’re kind of working on just the music right now and getting the feel of everything.

Q.  What type of music will we hear on the album?

A.  A lot of Pop.  I love Pop so, a lot of that, and I have like a huge variety of music that I like so there’s going to be a lot of stuff.

Q.  What can you tell us is new coming up on "Kickin' It" and with your character?

A.  Of course we have a whole bunch of new episodes coming out for season one and the gang is going to go on a whole bunch of new adventures and going to just bond more together.  Like after every episode you see how they are not only friends, but they’re like a family and they’re better together than they are apart.  My character, you see her go through a lot of changes with the guys and she gets to know all of them a lot better.  I think it’s going to be great, a lot of the audience get to see her become stronger and hang around the guys.

Q.  Do you have a really memorable moment from filming the show?

A.  Me and the guys have so much fun on set.  We definitely love to pull pranks on each other and, of course, since I’m the only girl I kind of have to hold my own against them.  They will play some pranks on me sometimes and I try to get them back, but I think probably one of the funniest moments happened on set has to have been when we were doing a run through with the producers and network.  I think it was one of the episodes where I had to dance, and I can’t dance at all on the show, so I had to dance really badly.  So I was up on this mat and I was dancing, and I totally fell off the mat, did a backward roll, and everyone was cracking up.  I was so embarrassed, but I got back up and I started dancing again.  That was pretty funny, but it was kind of embarrassing at the same time.  Everyone still talks about it, so that’s actually a funny moment.

Read the rest of the interview at the source!

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