Kat McNamara Talked "Girl Vs. Monster" With Starry Constellation Magazine

Friday, 12 October 2012 11:02


Kat McNamara had an interview with Starry Constellation Magazine and talked about her Disney Channel Original Movie, "Girl Vs. Monster."

Q:  Has Girl Vs. Monster been the most recent project that you’ve been working on? Obviously, we’re getting to see you in “Kickin’ It” as well, correct?

A:  Yeah, I’ve actually had a couple of projects since “Girl Vs. Monster." I did an episode of “Glee" and I did an episode of “The Haunting Hour." I also did a film with Kenton Duty and Danny Flaherty called Contest.

Q:  With Girl Vs. Monster coming out and with Halloween around the corner it's a great pairing.

A:  Yeah, it’s such a wonderful movie. It’s the quintessential Halloween movie, in my opinion, where there’s action and adventure and the Halloween spooks and scares everyone loves. There’s the romance in there, some great music, and a lot of fun fashion. It’s a wonderful movie, there’s something for everyone.

Q:  What can you tell us about the premise for the movie and about your character?

A:  The film follows the story of Skylar Lewis, who is played by Olivia Holt, and she’s this spirited, spunky girl who is really loyal to her friends and ready for a great Halloween, but she ends up releasing a bunch of monsters on Halloween. Then all of a sudden she encounters a lifetime’s worth of fear in just a few hours. She has to work through that, but also, she and her friends have to work together to help save Halloween and ultimately the world from these monsters. One of the great themes of this film is conquering your fears. Basically the whole message of the film is that it’s okay to have fear, but in conquering those fears or at least some of them, you can really open yourself up to achieving your goals and even surpassing them and achieving things that you never even thought possible. My character is Myra Santelli, I play the mean girl. Originally I’m just your classic high school mean girl. I’m the lead singer of the band and the other leader of the band is Skylar’s love interest in the movie, and there’s this great little triangle between the three of us that sort of metamorphoses through the movie. My character gets possessed by the main monster and I turn even more evil for a little while. What’s nice is my character turns nice and ends up being a good friend of Olivia’s character which is, it was sort of nice to have that redemption and not always be a mean girl.

Q:  A lot of people enjoy playing a mean girl, and your character on "Kickin It" seems to be a bit of one as well.

A:  I really like playing mean girls simply because it’s so different from myself. It’s really neat to sort of have a character where you can really play with it and who has such a distinct personality that you can kind of explore. Also, I’m a huge fashion freak, and as a mean girl you always get great shoes and then killer clothes. I always love that part too.

Q:  Where do you get your fashion sense from? Are you looking at any celebrity trends, are you just working off of what you feel looks best for you, or do you have a stylist?

A:  I love looking at the current fashion trends and sort of making my own, there’s also a few fashion icons that I love to look to. Coco Chanel is one of my all-time favorite people. Audrey Hepburn, as well, is another fashion icon. A current fashion icon that I am obsessed with is Kate Middleton. I love her style. She always looks classy yet trendy. I just think she’s amazing in her personality and her fashion sense. One thing I love when I’m shopping for my own clothes is to go to vintage stores because everything is so unique. The fashion trends kick around again eventually and you can always find pieces at vintage stores that fit in with the fashion trends right now. You can add a belt or a different pair of shoes or get jeans and do something with it to sort of make it your own, or put a pair of boots with it instead of slacks. Do something to dress it up or down or make it your own.

Q:  You obviously get to work a lot with Olivia Holt, did the chemistry with you two come naturally or did it take time to develop?

A:  Actually, Olivia and I had been friends for a while. I have a friend, Dylan Snyder who’s also on “Kickin’ It,"  and while I was in New York he was also there doing Broadway shows. When we both ended up last year in L.A., he introduced me to the whole “Kickin’ It” cast and I would go visit the set and hang out and have a good time. So the “Kickin’ It” cast I was already really close with when I started working with them, and especially Olivia because we got to work on “Kickin’ It” together and our characters are so closely involved, we were both thrilled, because our friendship by then was even stronger. Then right after that we found out that we were both in the same film, Girl Vs. Monster, and we started filming that three weeks later. It was just so thrilling for both of us. We actually flew to the set of Girl vs. Monster on the same flight so we had all that time to just chat and get all excited about it. We did become phenomenal friends. She’s such an amazing person, both on and off set, and I love her. She’s like a sister to me.    

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